Best of Boot Camp

Best of Boot Camp delivers intense, crazy and off the charts workouts.


When was the last time you called your workout intense, crazy creative, and off the charts! Best of Boot Camp delivers all this and so much more.

Using the toys found around even the cheapest of gyms you%u2019ll learn crazy kick butt choreography, experience an interval workout that is an explosion for the sweat glands, learn partner and team exercises to put a smile on anyone%u2019s face, and have at your fingertips more drills, skills,and games then you could possibly imagine using simple tools like gliding discs, med balls, ladders, cones and body weight.

Teachers %u2013 learn everything you need to create and execute an amazing Boot Camp class and get ready to enlist and spring into action.

crazy creative, choreography, interval workout, team exercises, drills, skills, games

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